La maison du Croque-Monsieur, the new fave of Parisiennes

Hooray for regionalist street-food! Because frankly what could me more sexy and recomforting than a darling little grilled cheese croque-monsieur?

This new buzzing croque-monsieur concept arrives straight from the U.S. where New-Yorkers are so keen about our French dishes that they are going wild for this house 100% dedicated to the  croque-monsieur.

And this new successful cantina has just opened its doors in Paris, for the greatest pleasure of the DO IT TEAM (since it’s around the corner from the office).

A stylish decor like a printing factory dating back to the 30’s, piles of newspapers and mags to catch up on the latest gossip, sunny terrace to nibble while working on our tan, possibility of take out…it has everything we like. Including terrific organic drinks bio canon(green tea soda)

En 1 minute flat, you have a very desirable croque  to be chosen amongst 16 specialties. Monsieur Henry : béchamel sauce, superior ham, comté cheese or cheddar (7€), Eduardo with bresaola, mozza and oil of truffle (7€) without counting the veggie versions béchamel + goat cheese + ratatouille.

Tip top : a sweet version with mascarpone, Nutella spread and banana. Fat but good.

Good news for cronuts fans, the most trendy US pastry of the moment, here they have a croc-nut with a delicious glazing…

Menu croque + drink: 9.50€

Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm

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