The do it yourself semi-permanent nail polish

Impossible not to stop in front of this semi-permanent nail polish, the absolute dream of all overbooked twigs and working girls who must have perfect hands. This super lacquer makes it possible to have shiny nails without any chipping for two weeks.

Good news, this little nail polish miracle is no longer the secret of nail bars! It’s now possible to use it yourself at home. Peggy Sage, the manicure expert has just come out with lacquer that is as easy to apply as a classic nail polish and pro UV lamps for the house at light prices.

How to use it : start by applying a base coat, then two thin coats of nail polish and a small touches of top coat for a shine effect.

The only slight difference: each lacquered nail needs to be passed under the UV lamp that dries the product instantly. Thus, once the operation is finished, there is no risk of harming the application.

The small plus : thirty ultra trendy colors.

Semi-permanent I-Lak nail polish 24,90€

base 34,90 €

top finish 25 €

UV lamp starting at 25 €

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