The saga of the gingham dress

Robe Vichy

Shocking! On her wedding day in 1959, sassy Brigitte Bardot dared to wear for the ceremony a pink gingham dress, a print that until then was used essentially… for household upholstery purposes.

And suddenly all the young trendy women were sewing BB’s dress in the colors of their mother’s tablecloths and curtains, updated by super avant-garde stylist Jacques Esterel. Damned!

Cool, Arte has decided to focus on this favorite print of ours for Summer during an ultra girly documentary. Or how a small piece of upholstery fabric, a cross between the style of Marie-Antoinette and an 18th sheperdess, created a revolution in ready-to-wear.

We adore: a reference to the lovely Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind who dared transform her curtains into an evening dress to go out and kick her heels in style.

Coutures – La robe Vichy.

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