Super hero philosophy

Delving on metaphysical topics based on film excerpts such as Spiderman, Batman or the Incredible Hulk? Such is the totally original motto of open philosophy classes starting tomorrow at the MK2 Bibliothèque cinema.

Seated in a dark room, you will follow the course of Olliver Pourriol that picks up on super-heroes to update texts by Rousseau, Marx or Foucault. Then it’s open debates!

Who never dreamt of passing through walls like X-Men? And the lucky thing is that the theme of the first session happens to be «  dreaming of a super body».

Tops : a playful way or looking at philosophy. Ideal for those presenting their Baccalaureate!

The Super-hero School, open class of philosophy at the movies from 10 January to 6 June 2013, every Thursday at 6pm

9,90 € per session, 60€ for 10 sessions

Details of the program and reservations on www.mk2.com and iPhone


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