The dessert of Jean François Piège for Mother’s Day

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Here is a highly desirable gourmet delight signed Jean François Piège, for our darling Mommies. The Top Chef juror also happens to be calling the shots at the Michelin two-star gastronomic table of Thoumieux, Jean-François Piege article here. Our darling chef has put together for Mother’s day a frosty dessert with meringue topped by small marat strawberries... Totally addictive!

For 8 persons

Step 1 : The Meringue

Heat up the egg whites and the sugar up to 70°C in a double bain marie boiler.

Beat the whites until they form peaks, then create meringue circles of 8 cm diameter and 1cm thickness.

Sprinkle with grated coconut and cook for 21 min at 90°C in a dry and ventilated oven.

Step 2: Vanilla emulsion

In a pot, heat the milk, the vanilla and liquid cream. Add the sugar and pour the mix on the gelatin. Mix together, pass through a strainer, cool down and put in a siphon. Set aside in a cool place.

Step 3: Chips of rhubarb

With a vegetable peeler, slice up slivers of rhubarb. Set them one by one on a Silpat baking sheet.

Bake in steam mode for 4 minutes at 90°C then dry by steaming.

Step 4 : for the finishing touch…

Place a little brunoise of mara strawberries and one whole fruit on the top. Set up  the meringue circles

around the ice rectangle. Add the emulsion of vanilla as well as the rhubarb chips.

A recipe that is sure to impress your guest of honor on Mother’s Day.


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-          100gr of egg whites

-          320gr of sugar

-          40 gr of grated coconut

-          300gr of milk

-          200gr of liquid cream

-          70gr semolina sugar

-          2 vanilla pods

-          3 leaves of gelatin

-          1 stick of rhubarb

-          800gr of rhubarb ice

cut in a 3x7 cm rectangle

-          24 mara strawberries

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