The Xmas market of young designers

When six young high-end accessory designers team up for a Xmas sale in a totally wild place, the result is a joyful shop-op to find original presents.

Fosseth graphic and colorful jewelry (www.fosseth.com), Cléa Léa personalisable embroidered caps, made in France silk scarves with psychedelic prints... to be picked up in the ultra retro Marlusse et Lapin bar, decorated like Grandma’s room.

The little plus: home made cupcakes for the gourmet pause.

Xmas sale

Saturday 15 December 2012 from 11am to 6pm

More info here

Discovere another Xmas market here

Where to find it?

Marlusse et Lapin

14, rue Germain Pillon

75018 Paris

Pigalle Pigalle

Abbesses Abbesses

Pigalle Pigalle

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