The most trendy and delicious at Beef-Club

Everyone knows about Beef Club, the very hype hang out, divinely good and so much fun, set up by the gang of l’Expérimental Cocktail Club.

What is less known, is that Beef, usually always closed at lunch time, has decided to launch into really fab brunches every Saturday and Sunday starting at noon…

We like : the 100% choose your own brunch according to your tastes, your whims and budgets… Just check menu boxes, and the waiter will bring you a dream like breakfast.

Now you can have scones (3,50€), delicious pancakes (5€), real eggs Benedict, organic if you please, with bacon and hollandaise sauce (10€), Italian meat balls with fries (9€), egg sunny side up (5€), oysters (9€ les 3), French brioche (7€) or the real Sundae !

Wild : the granola (7€), croissants with ham and truffle, comté cheese and béchamel sauce (9€), mini-burgers (11€), le blueberry flaky pastry (5€).

Tops : great drinks! A good hangover trick just like in New-York : a bloody Mary (13€) ou of a glass of Billecart Salmon champagne (10€). Freshly pressed fruit (7€), couture nectars by Alain Milliat (5,50), white hot chocolate steeped with fab lavender(6€), a pot of filtered coffee (11€) or real expressos (3€). Enjoy!


Also discover Fumé, the fab kosher barbecue of Ruben Sarfati.

Where to find it ?

Beef Club

58, rue Jean Jacques Rousseau

75001 Paris

09 52 52 89 34

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