Lemon in Paris : the Icelandic sandwiches and smoothies bar that fit girls are wild about

It’s a grand première. Lemon in Paris is the one and only Icelandic address of the capital. But careful, here no mutton hear, nor ragù, nor shark (luckily). The only  Viking specialty that is really worth it : skyr, a thick yogurt, filled with calcium and low fat proteins. Mixed with fruits, it’s the smoothie of pretty girls who stepped in from the cold. To be sipped urgently!

This healthy enclave that is a big hit in Reykjavik, is the idea of Jon Arnar Gudbrandsson, the local Top Chef. Energizing juices and smoothies, feel-good salads hefty sandwiches, all the recipes are concocted by the start of Nordic recipes, transposed with fresh local ingredients chosen by Eva Gunnnarsdottir, a multi-faceted Icelandic gal filled at the helm of the Parisian counter…

Iceland, the new Eldorado of cool in 2017?

Open everyday.

Julie Zwingelstein

Where to find it ?

Lemon in Paris

43 Rue des Petits Carreaux

75002 Paris

01 84 05 90 00


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