Les Souris Dansent: the perfect bar to be naughty

Les souris dansent interior room

The new hot spot, open from early morning on in Montorgueil, the LSD Café for Les Souris Dansent switches into a trendy bar around 7pm.

Bewitching cocktails, wines by independent producers and mixes tapas­—the perfect equation to slum it and have fun… Go fat the end of the week. Thursday to Saturday, up and coming DJs and artists relay each other until 2am for a pulsing ambiance of mixing and small live concerts.

Finger foods: a great plate of charcuteries (mortadelle, sausage skewers, rosette saucisson…, 10€), a glam’ burrata (10€), an amazing Korean omelet, to wash down with Breaking Blue, the house potion made with gin, curaçao, Perrier (8,50€).

And for die-hard organic freaks, rare natural wines at friendly prices (starting 5€).

There’s lots of socializing, laughs and drinking. So if you go home alone, there is really nothing more we can do for you!

Open Tuesday to Wednesday from 8:30am to 11pm, Thursday to Saturday from 8:30am to 2am.

Par Julie Zwingelstein @JulieZwing

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Where to find it?

Les Souris Dansent

16, rue Marie Stuart

75002 Paris

09 73 63 47 63

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