Love Run, the new running trend

Love Run, the new running trend

No need to repeat that running is the coolest activity of the moment with 17 million #running posted and Karlie Klaus obsessed with track and field.

The latest chic? The Love Run creating the buzz in Shanghai, Rio and Sydney, to be run as duo with your man or your BFF, linked with a pink elastic on the wrist.

Next edition on the 14th of February: an 8km race through the Paris Bois de Boulogne— ideal for an anti-blues Sunday as well as a healthy and fun day.

How does it work ? Departure from Porte Dauphine at 2pm. After the race, you stay for the super cool LOVE FESTIVAL with good sound, adorable gifts, a tote bag, an amazing free XXL buffet, with dear Muesli granola bars, soups, Marguerite du Pré frozen yogurts, detox juices, squeezed oranges & grapefruits, cakes…

We like: winning duos will go home with fab gifts.

Love Run, 14/02/16 from 12pm. 60 € for one duo. All informations about Love Run.

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