Invitation to relaxation at Spa 28

Installed in the spectacular Gallo-Roman thermal baths of the Left Bank, Spa 28 is no longer just the privilege of its hotel clients and we are delighted! Settling in this enclave of relaxation is like traveling outside of time, and departing to the four corners of the world to discover the well-being rituals of Oriental countries. Its rituals taken from the médina, chocolate dreams from Africa, Damascus rose massages, Chinese tea ceremony... immediately transport you for a few hours of total escape. Here, everything is serene, the lights are dimmed, the smells are soft amidst total calm.

Lying on a heated table, covered with a white sheet, the hands and forearms of the masseuse come and go in a suave dance without ever, ever, letting you go. It starts with the feet, and slowly goes upward to finish blissfully with a scalp massage. Impossible to resist this dreamland that catches up with you.

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