A fun wine bar that finally thinks of the girls

Wine by One, bar

A skip and a hop from one of the loveliest capital's squares and near the Parisian palaces, Stéphane Girard has opened his winebar, cellar and tasting club, quite off the beaten track. Here, no big-belly cellar manager, no connoisseur with heavy mustaches, no old zinc counter... Wine by One has also been imagined for newcomers in the wine universe, not familiar with good bottles, and where everything has been thought out so that us gals might feel comfortable- finally!

In a high-tech ambiance created by the architect of the Nespresso boutiques, Stéphane's idea is quite simple, and truly smart !

Ask for your « Winecard », credit it with the amount of your choice, and you are off for a journey touring great bottles of the world. More than 100 wines, reds, rosés, whites, and sparkling, classified and presented in nine distributor window-displays thanks to which everyone can serve themselves on their own.

Here is the concept of this unique address that one shares with friends: you like white, red, soft, round, or sweet... ? Go over to the corresponding window-display. On the « Wine Pad » consult the wine's criteria (category, vintage, combo dishes-wines...). Finally choose your tasting dose: impression (3cl), temptation (6cl), and sensation (12cl). All you need to do is insert your card in the machine, place your glass under the tap and enjoy.

Tasting courses in English for foreigners, afternoons.
3cl starting at 1 euros (prices depending on doses and wines)

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon to 10pm, and on Saturday, from 3pm to 8pm.

Picture credit: Do it in Paris

Where to find it?

Wine by One

9 rue des Capucines

75001 Paris

01 42 60 85 76


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Madeleine Madeleine

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