Popelini, a darling puff pastry bar !

Popelini Patisserie

Puff pastries are the new sugar darlings for sweet Summer snacks. Those who were getting a little tired of macaroons and were about to OD on cupcakes are really going to be delighted !

Scene of the crime ? Popelini, a single-minded pastry shop on the corner of the rue de Bretagne that offers a wide array of their darling puffs. The devilish creator ? Laurene Koumetz.

We love... the pretty elongated « gift » packages to bring for a dinner party with these trendy delights! (11EUR for 6)

Our favorite ? Pistachio - cherry, coffee, praline, pink-raspberry, lemon, milk chocolate with passion fruit ...

Phew !
Clearly more mini than the usual éclairs, these little puffs can be eaten in one bite. It's our itsy-bitsy bikini, Dunkan and his diet who say TERRIFIC for Summer.

Where to find it?


29, rue Debeylleme

75003 Paris

01 44 61 31 44


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