Watches with secrets

Here is the most poetic and désirable watch for Spring... On the face side, its dial indicates time; on the reverse side, engraved on a silver medal, slipped in the watchcase, there is a secret message or a tender note. A nice way of expressing what you feel.

Some examples? « I’m your angel », « Je t’aime», « One day my prince will come »… And if none of these little phrases from the collection created by Xme appeal to you, it’s always possible to have one you like engraved.

We like: the leather and metal or all stainless steel, many combos are possible with a wide array of bracelets (black, yellow, red, croc or ostrich style…).

Tops, a personalized gift, assembled in France, that is sure to be a hit.

Xme, Talisma watch, starting at 175€.

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