More than perfect at Bread and Roses

Here is the Rolls-Royce in terms of an Anglo-Saxon cantina! Walk into this super chic enclave, is like setting foot inside the temple of good products, the DNA of a top notch sandwich...

With its home made organic English bread, toasted to the minute, on which comes a green salad, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, roast chicken and a house mayo, no wonder the girls from Vogue are wild about this place and come take a break from their diet for this amazing club.Saint Laurent as a sandwich.

Catch 22 : dessert or no dessert? Not to finish with their fab carrot-cake, highly competitive cheese-cake or a tart would be a crime.

Price for the club ? 24€. They are not exactly giving it away, but to reach the pinnacle of excellence, once a year, it’s more than worth the expense.

We love : their otherLeft Bank address (62 rue Madame, 6e). No need to cross all ofParis for such a good club.

Open every day until 10pm. Closed on Sunday

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