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Dear fashionista, at Xmas, forget champagne: open a bottle of poiré and clink your glasses, cheers! In fact one only finds this new trendy elixir in concept-stores that are up-to-date when it comes to new trends: Colette, Merci, Julhes and at Publicis Drugstore.

Sparkling, glittering and low cal, this pear cider has a lot going for it. Precious assets which explain why poiré is slowly catching up with traditional champagne in the long thin glasses of it-girls.

And to boot, the refined and golden bubbles of this made in Normandy elixir, manufactured by Maison Sassy, has a very low alcohol content (2,5°), to be sipped without risking a hangover. Also a great drink for pregnant women.

Tip top, a chic and snob beverage at very soft prices (count 2,90€ for 33cl) that you can also buy directly on line: www.maison-sassy.com

Where to find it? In all the hot locations: at Colette, Merci, Julhes and Publicis Drugstore.

Le Vertueux – Poiré, Sassy, starting at 2,90€ for 33cl and 6,90€ for 75cl

Where to find it?


213, rue Saint Honoré

75008 Paris

01 55 35 33 90


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