How to handle the Presidential elections

When a political editorialist, who happens to be a theater buff and committed humorist, find themselves on stage in the middle of the electoral campaign, the result is Nous, présidents, a  spectacle as amusing as it is necessary.

For all those who are still hesitating as to which voting ballot to cast on Sunday: web et you will finally pinpoint your fave candidate.

The principle? Two new spectacles with and by Marc Jolivet (as green as they get and whose sketch of Digicode remains timeless) and Christophe Barbier (former director of l’Express who never takes off his red scarf on BFM TV) before each electoral vote. Under the banner of how to handle the 2017 Presidential election—in short, everything you wanted to know about the programs yet never dared ask.

From “Penelope Gate” to the judicial sidelines of Marine Le Pen including yes man Macron who always agrees with everyone, none of the candidates will be spared. And anyway, the CSA keeps a close watch on back stabbing! Careful not to take positions… So what will be the fave candidate between the two stars of the evening? And yours?

Nous présidents, Salle Gaveau at 8:30pm, from the 20th to the 22nd of April and from the 4th to the 6th of May.

Right wing rate : 35€. Left wing rate : 25€. Ultra left wing rate : 15€. Reservations on

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Where to find it ?

Salle Gaveau

45, rue de la Boétie

75008 Paris

01 49 53 05 07

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