Our darling romantic comedy: “Toute Première Fois”

Here is the most refreshing Frenchy comedy of this Winter to go see absolutely this week with Pio Marmaï and Camille Cottin (Conasse) – featured as starting Wednesday. The crush of the DO IT TEAM!

The pitch? The story of an upside down coming-out. Pio Marmaï, the perfect “bobo gay”, is about to get married with his partner. But early one morning, he wakes up … in the bed of a gorgeous blond Swedish girl !

We adore: a hilarious and really original script, signed Maxime Govare and Noémie Saglio (the director of Conasse, precisely) who showcase all clichés of the "upside down" American romantic comedy...

Very funny… The “gay-friendly” parents who are opposed… to the new heterosexuality of their son. (They had gotten used to a coming out, they will not tolerate a “coming in"…).

Delicious: the character of the heterosexual best friend who replaces the usual gay BF...


To be released on 28 January 2015

Toute première fois by Maxime Govare and Noémie Saglio

With Pio Marmai, Franck Gastambide and Camille Cottin.

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