Oro Bianco, the cult canteen of the moment

Oro Bianco, interior room

After sushi-bars and truffle bars, what is the brand new buzzing hangout where fashion editors come peck between two shootings ? The answer is at the Oro Bianco , a mozzarella cafe managed by clever Italians, serving the very best mozzarelle, brought straight from Puglia and Campania regions, strung by hand.

Mozza of all kinds! No two ways about it, the cult dish here is the tasting plate with top-notch charcuterie and all kinds of mozzarelle : traditional Buffala Campana, creamy Burratina, delicate Nodini, tangy Bocconcini Affumicata or melting Stracciatella di Burrata that is no other than the cream of burrata, cruelly addictive.

For a quick lunch: we cannot resist their fabulous sandwiches, bresaola, arugula and buffala mozzarella presented in a crispy little bread, to be bitten into religiously in front of your PC.

The must ? Checking out the grocery store site for dinner at home: antipasti, wild burrata, the Rolls Royce of ham, Culatello Zibello and a devilish choco-nutella tiramisu to impress Mr.Big with a TV dinner furiously dolce-vita.


Picture credit : Do it in Paris

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