Papa Boun, erotic brioches

Papa Boun

The object of desire: the Boun. It’s the new small bread that anyone with a sweet tooth cannot resist, halfway between the brioche and the jam bun, served in a very bakery street, street bakery with walls tagged by Angelina Guez. In short: totally cool.

Its erotic potential: a little like the donut : glazed on top of the brioche and stuffed with milk jam, spead, lemon cream, all ready to drool. Sandwich version : all good. Normal, it’s the brilliant Julien Abourmand, former pastry chef at Ducasse, who produces these delightful small breads.

The most sexy: impossible to bypass the gianduja choco-nut version …. In short : it’s a Pitch for high-hell foodies. Salty version:  the pastrami-cheddar is a must.

Pop-up Papa Boun: 12 rue Linois, 75015 Paris.

papa boun

Open every day from 10am to 8pm.

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Where to find it?

Papa Boun

21 rue Marie Stuart

75002 Paris

01 42 60 14 40


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