Water skiing in the middle of Paris !

Parisians, Parisiennes ! Feeling hot ? The combo canicula + work makes you feel like looking into water options, freshness and sports ? No need to go to Ibiza, Saint Trop or Formentera. We have discovered the new watering-hole of chic summer bliss with a Med touch!

The very latest fun and upscale venue for Parisians longing to be on holiday in a trendy seaside resort ? Between leaving the office at the end of the day and happy hour, it is now possible to enjoy waterskiing in the 16th arrondissement, on the waterfront of the Bois de Boulogne A little corner of bucolic paradise with a guinguette ambiance. There you will come out of the water behind an outboard to surf on the urban wave with a view of La Défense!

Must for families ! Just like being in the Touquet but in Paris, here is an amusing variation on Paris-Plage... Elegant groups of mothers and kids come to picnic, work on their suntan, read and cool their feet in the water, spending a day as though they were by the sea between two waterskiing lessons!

We adôôre ! The ultra-fun and gregarious water skiing op starting at 3-year-olds for seasoned sporty types, tractable buoys for the more energetic.

How much ? Newcomers can get initiated to Parisian water gliding and partake in the spirit of this ultra fresh venue... After a few passages, one has to join the club (210 EUR a year for adults, 160 EUR for those under 18 years, 60 EUR for those less than 10 years old).

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