Karamel, the 100% caramel butter tea salon


The place. There is good news for all those who love runny salty butter caramel. Super pastry chef Nicolas Haelewyn, who trained at Ladurée, has just launched an address 100% dedicated to caramel right near the Invalides in a monomaniac darling tea salon! This young native of Normandy offers a wide array of  “karamel” treats: candies, viennoiseries, cookies and ultra-sophisticated pastries.

The must-taste sweet treat. The Kara Rolls, a brioche feuilletée that enhances the runny “karamel” that is making Instagram go wild. Another best-seller : the caramel éclair.

karamel patisserie

The added plus. Deluxe junk-food: their famous  “karamel spread”  (cara - nuts, cara - passion, cara - fleur de sel…) chic and foodporn to pimp your brunches and home snack. And let’s not forget the milk or dark chocolate bars  stuffed with runny caramel. Yummy !

Karabrest €6.50, tarte chocolat-noisette €4.90, flan €3,50.

Tuesday to Saturday from 7:30am to 7:30pm and on Sunday from  7:30am until 1pm.

Where to find it?

Karamel Paris

67, rue Saint-Dominique

01 71 93 02 94


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