For Burrata addicts

La Burrata

You surely know this amazing Italian cheese, deluxe cousin of the famed mozzarella.

For neophytes, burrata is a cheese quite similar to mozzarella, with an irresistibly creamy heart that is totally addictive and comes straight from the Puglia region !

Aficionados know how complicated it was to come across this coveted burrata, that only very few had the chance to find in selective trattorias, good restaurants and well-known fine grocery stores …Because burrata, a rare and precious cheese, was directly delivered from the dairy farms of Italy !

Good news for addicts, we are finally going to be able to find our darling burrata on the shelves of Monoprix and other local supermarkets !

Its high added value? It’s creamy, velvety with lots of fragrance and its small size is perfect and super practical to indulge in a little individual treat!

Price: 2,80 euros

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