Private cinema and pajama party

Cine Club Et Pyjama Party Ludovicjaffrenou

Now is the moment to play and reserve your private cinema… Imagine watching your favorite cult film in the coziest place in Paris.

Wild: the eternal red armchairs of movie houses are replaced by ultra-comfy XXL beds! Dress-code: the pajama: is MANDATORY!

The concept? An ephemeral cinema is being set up at the heart of the BHV Observatory totally relooked by MK2 for the occasion.

How does it work: enjoy a nice cocktail, customized, in keeping with the atmosphere of the film you are about to watch … in bed! Hooray for BED-IN movie lovers.

On the program: Top Gun, Flashdance, Lost in translation, Manhattan as well as Taxi Driver, Jaws and The Shining !

It’s very easy to get you entrance ticket, just answer the quiz « Which hero are you? », select the projection date of your dream film and cross your fingers, hoping you will be one of the winners! www.lebhvmarais.fr

Game contest from 26 May to 12 July 2014 www.lebhvmarais.fr


Where to find it?

La Bedroom

37 rue de la Verrerie

75004 Paris

Hotel De Ville Hotel De Ville

Hotel De Ville Hotel De Ville

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