Spa Nuxe at the Square Hotel

At the heart of the 16th arrondissement, discover a « small luxury Spa » that is both warm and design oriented. The resolutely modern architecture, with its harmonious curbs, is a true invitation to travel.
Precious Indonesian wood is associated with geranium red- tonic source of energy - in a luxurious and energizing atmosphere. The intimate and relaxing cabins offer a sensation of immediate serenity.

Choose their exclusive treatment: the « Kashmir Zébra » massage, our favorite, ideal to eliminate all kinds of stress!
Nestled in a comfortable heated bed, savor an intense massage inspired by the techniques of Indian Ayurveda. Deep pressure points, wrapped smoothing outs, exquisite scents emanating from their incredible oil brings, calm and voluptuousness.
The soft warmth sent out by the small hot water bottle placed on nevralgic spots eliminates tensions one by one. The relaxing effect is very deep, the body is appeased, energies are renewed.

Our tip: reserve a VIP cabin with a private shower to pamper yourself before leaving the Spa.

Massage Kashmir Zébra 1h15 - 120 euros / 45 min - 80 euros


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