An off-beat New Year’s Eve under an igloo

What could be better than an unusual escapade to start the year on the right foot? For New Year’s Eve, it’s decided, we will play at being Inuits and treat ourselves to an eskimo style road trip …

The region of Haute-Savoie, its Snowy slopes, its cheese raclettes parties once night falls… and its evenings under an igloo!

For a different kind of New Year’s Eve, how about this terrific off the beaten track formula, perfect to start the year on a note… that is how could we say? Spine chilling!

Imagine the scenario: everything begins with a delightful stroll on racket shoes, face in the sun. Breathing in the fresh air, you can observe woodchucks, stop to have a picnic (and work on your tan ).  In short, take time to nature, enjoy the wide vistas of Mont Blanc country—and it feels wonderful.

Having arrived at the camping site, you pick up snow and block by block, build your very own igloo worthy of the name, so as to spend a warm night (yes, yes!). Once the sun has set (and after enjoying the spectacle), light up a fire, toast the new year, with a starry sky above, before going back to your igloo until dawn… A fairy tale program for a magical year!

Rate : 169 € per person

2 days, 1 night with all meals included

24 or 31 December 2012

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