Sculpt yourself a goddess body at home

Doing sports yes, but out of the question to run around Paris in the rain to suffer in a fitness gym after work. We have found the top solution for all those who made taking up sports your New Year’s resolution! A must to repair the Holiday excess and sculpt yourself a goddess body, without leaving your home sweet home.

The concept ? Fysiki. com, a playful and ultra motivating site of sports coaching on Internet.

Start by giving yourself goals, availabilities and get going!

No need for any equipment, you can do all the exercises from your living room, in front of your TV or with a playlist thanks to videos explaining movement via images. Have a doubt on a training session? Just ask a question to the coach who is there to help you.

We like : sharing impressions and performances with the members following the same program.

Tops : it’s free for the first two weeks and at a rhythm of three training sessions of 30 minutes per week, you quickly see the results.

Free for 15 days

25,99 € for 1 month

12,99 €/ month for 3 months

6,99 €/ month for 1 year

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