Hugo & Victor present their sweet delights

In an ultra-contemporary store where upright showcases complement a dynamic circular design that is highlighted in black and white, two friends, Hugues and Sylvain, display their pastries and sweets.

As if in a curiosity cabinet, customers puzzle and discover, to their astonishment, this amazing collection of sugary objects. A dazzling mural of high columns features the eight current flavors: three that you taste the whole year long (chocolate, vanilla and caramel) and five seasonal tastes that are slightly magical and delicious and ready for trying! Each one is available in three versions: a new patisserie type, a traditional cake and a chocolate, with a suggested bottle of wine that blends well with the gourmet treats. Nice idea, no?

A little corner where you will find a simple hotel-style breakfast is also envisaged for neighborhood customers. There's no doubt that bakeries are pretty rare in these parts!

One final warning: don't miss the chance to order the chocolates. You'll devour them like you would a good book!

Hugo & Victor
Macaroons: 1,50 EUR/each; 19 EUR/pack of 10
Chocolates: starting at 13 EUR/130g or 12 pieces
Cakes: environ 5 EUR/individual slices ; about 25 EUR/4persons
Wine: about 20 EUR/bottle

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