Coffee anyone ?

Having teamed up around their passion for coffee, Frenchman Antoine and Australian Tom, professional coffee blenders are the pioneers of a setting dedicated to savors and scents as rare as they are authentic. A skip and a hop from Bon Marché, their Café Coutume is new, French and daring.

At 47, rue de Babylone, the uncovered walls reveal moldings and high ceilings, while the parquet is typically Hausmannian. The light is welcoming, the design is Nordic but resolutely comfortable. Their sense of aesthetics goes even further: Antoine and Tom practice what is referred to as latte art, these figures made with the milk froth on top your coffee.

To each moment of the day corresponds a specific coffee. The simple formula is for breakfast (freshly squeezed orange juice, a warm beverage and a viennoiserie pastry). For lunch, Café Coutume offers a fresh and inventive menu (vegetarian lentils, Thai salad, zucchini pudding with mozzarella...).

And all along the day, you can taste delicious cheeses, sometimes along with wines. Cherry on the cake, they offer gourmet desserts. Ideal for a stopover before or after a movie at la Pagode.

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