When the nice weather sets in: make happy hour last until midnight at Rosa Bonheur !

What a beautiful day ! Let's go over to the Rosa Bonheur and discover the new decor of the bar ! It's at the heart of this ultra-trendy guinguette located in the Buttes Chaumont where all of Paris heads to spend an evening right under the stars. Right in the middle of this huge park. Result? A great outing idea with a group of friends! Nobody will be turned down and there is always room-even for a crowd of 30.

We love... the evening picnic nibbles that don't smell of deep fry but thrill everyone with great charcuterie and delicious dishes at mini prices. An easy solution to get all your friends together, even those who are totally broke ! Serrano, chorizo, taboulé, sea urchin tarama, mashed potatoes and cod liver, organic cakes...

We also like...
having drinks and dancing until midnight. Shot of tequila (4 EUR), glass of champagne at 8 EUR...

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