Tattoos are chic

Mystery Tattoo Club

Even if your Granny would not approve, if Kate Moss and Catherine Deneuve went ahead with tattoos in good taste, so why not us?

Furthermore if you dare the Dior tattoo, we say great! These ephemeral tattoos-jewels, in or 24 carat gold, were imagined by designer Camille Micelli for the couture house. Our favorite? An oversize cuff for the evening and the more discete ring model for the day.

Price? 120 € for 9 tattoos « Les Ors de Peau in 24 Carat Dior gold »

Where to you buy them? Starting 19 November at the Boutique Dior on Avenue Montaigne, at Bon Marché, Printemps Haussmann and on www.dior.com.

And if this turns out to be really your thing, we have found for you the most chic tatooing venue:  Le Mystery Tattoo Club.

From the little star on the wrist like the it-girls, to the motif spreading all over your back as well as pretty unerasable little sentences, tattoo artists work the needle like real artists and literally imprint their works of art in the skin.

Careful, according to Rihanna, it’s hard to stop once you have started !

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