The arty Polaroid

Code name? Impossible Project, that has just landed in Paris after New York and Tokyo. Here is the most trendy arty boutique of the moment. A real nugget to offer a fun present in keeping with the times : because her not only do you find the cameras but also the film.

The idea ? Polaroids were out, gone… Until this team of trendy geeks had the terrific idea of buying back a Dutch factory and to relaunch polaroid production.

The little plus ? Their quality has seriously improved… Result ? It produces photos with a much more delicate grain and color.

We like : the unique and unusual side of the photo that becomes a rarity, a singular objet that one thinks about and one offers.

The must ? The idea of taking one photo per day or per night and to have your own little arty gallery at home on a wall or a mirror.

How much does it cost ? 20€ for cartridge of 8 photos; camera starting at 54€.

Where to find it ?

The Impossible Project

77, rue Charlot

75003 Paris

?09 54 18 67 82

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