The caviar club-sandwich at café Prunier

Cafe Prunier, club caviar

Live the life of a millionaire for 40 euros ! How about a caviar lunch at Café Prunier, one of the most deluxe cafés of Paris to give you a boost ?

How much? Only 40€, which should give you a break from the lousy weather, the downgrading economy and the raise that you're still expecting!

Head for Café Prunier, an upscale fish-oriented institution known for its smoked salmon and caviar where Pierre Bergé and pretty ladies have their little habits. As though one were Charlotte Casiraghi or an incognito heiress, snuggle up in one of the marvelous sofas and order the « club caviar » quite simply.

In the plate? Three large sandwiches with smoked salmon, an ode to pleasure and refinement, topped with good « made in France » caviar! And what do you drink with that? A gourmet fennel & green apple or strawberry & peppered mint smoothie …

You come out of there feeling satisfied, with your wallet intact and the assurance to still fit in your bikinis.

Menu club sandwich + smoothie : 40€

Lunch menu, slightly more elaborated: 46€

Kudos for : the grocery store at the very same address, and the second restaurant, situated avenue Victor Hugo, in the XVI arrondissement.

Lunch hour: 12am to 2.30pm

Diner : 7pm to 11pm


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