The « feel-good » comedy to go see with the gals

La Comedie Feel Good A Voir Entre Copine

« Tiens-toi droite ». The winning trio of this wonderful comedy to go enjoy with the gals for lots of laughing and crying, it’s Laura Smet +  Marina Foïs + Noémie Lvosly…

The pitch? Louise, Sam, Lili. Three women who don’t know each other but whose strong desire for evolution will make them meet, join up, mix and match. It’s the story of Louise who departs from the family dry cleaning business to go work in a large doll making company where she was given a leg up by her lover.  Of Lili, Miss New-Caledonia, who meets a rich business man. And Sam, mother of a large brood, who decides to become independent.

But which one is the model that must adapt to the woman or the contrary?

Why we love it… because this film asks real questions on the modern woman... Can we let ourselves be the prey of men’s desires? Should we not resist to the pressure of our mothers, sisters and girl friends? In short a hilarious outlook on the girls of today!

Tiens toi droite, Duration 1h36. Released on 26 November. All the film sessions

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