The Hello Kitty birthday party at Colette

La Birthday Party D Hello Kitty Chez Colette

Just after Kate Moss celebrated her 40th birthday, it’s now Hello Kitty’s turn to join the gang of forty-something trendies.

To celebrate, Colette, the ultra-trendy concept-store on rue Saint-Honoré, is organizing a birthday party on Wednesday 26 February from 4:30 to 6:30pm.

On the program for this kawai afternoon, a nail art session signed Sanrio with a manicure pro coming straight from Tokyo and the world launch of the book published by Rizzoli retracing the 40 most exceptional collaborations of the Japanese gal. Liberty, MAC, Vans, but also Lady Gaga and, even more surprising, such associations as with the hard rock group KISS, Hello Kitty wowed them all.

The must ? Get a copy of the book dedicated by Yuko Yamaguchi, the official illustrator.

Cherry on the cupcake, Hello Kitty’s friends are invited to participate in their first Hugging in Europe venue to try and win the Guinness record of the greatest number of hugs!


Also discover a Hello Kitty coffe-shop in Paris.

Where to find it?


213, rue Saint Honoré

75008 Paris

01 55 35 33 90


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