The most trashy: Terry Richardson at Perrotin

La Plus Trash Terry Richardson Chez Perrotin

Known for his daring, even trashy photographs and his nerdy Yankee look (mustache, checked shirt, oversized glasses), Terry Richardson undresses America at the Galerie Perrotin.

From his road trip to the Far West, the irreverent photographer brings back strong images pinpointing the contradictions of a puritanical society obsessed with sex.

Here you oscillate between the arid landscapes of the Grand Canyon and the voluptuous curves of tantalizing creatures in the Great West with mentions of enticing slogans preaching the good word, that intend to bring lost souls back into the right path …

In short, a new project that is a far cry from socialites and Lolitas featured in fashion magazines.

Terry Richardson, « The Sacred and The Profane », from March 7th to April 11th, 2015. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

Terry Richardson

« Adult », 2014

©2015 Terry Richardson, All Rights Reserved.

Courtesy Galerie Perrotin

Where to find it?

Galerie Perrotin

76, rue de Turenne

75003 Paris


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