The mythical Evita on stage

Madonna in Evita's character

An actress with a sulfurous past, wife of Argentine president Juan Peron, madonna of the people, but also a Nazi sympathizer...If you enjoy incredible destinies in the lines of Sissi, Grace Kelly or Marie-Antoinette, you are going to be enthralled by the story of Evita.

Already incarnated on the silver screen by Madonna, it’s at the theater of  Comédie Bastille that we meet up again with the most glamourous of all Argentine First Ladies in this truly moving spectacle. For sure it’s the theater nugget to go see at the moment.

The bluffing thing? After Guillaume Galienne as Lucrèce Borgia, it’s a man, Sebastiàn Galeota, cross-dressed as Evita, who tells us her story. Alone on stage, he does not budge, recalling “Oh Happy Days” by Beckett. Hats off to the artist: the comedian really becomes Evita: soft voice, feminine chanting, blonde wig and subtle makeup... we simply adore this incredible actor’s performance!

We also like: the huge white princess dress in which the comedian is bundled up, created by the talented creative couturier Franck Sorbier.

Alert emotion! We cannot help to come out of the representation feeling a little muddled: it is hard not be fascinated by the aura surrounding this persona and her story.

Evita. Amour, gloire etc… by Stéphan Druet for Sebastiàn Galeota at La Comédie Bastille, until the 22nd of June 2016.

Then at the Festival d’Avignon, at the Théâtre des 3 Soleils (4 rue Bouffon) from the 7th to the 30th of July at 8pm.

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By Suzanne Langlais

Where to find it?

Comédie Bastille

5 Rue Nicolas Appert

75011 Paris

01 48 07 52 07


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