The solution for Parisiennes with too many clothes

The solution for Parisiennes with too many clothes

If you are the kind of girl who piles up shoes in the entrance, buys a new piece of clothing every week at Asos and Zara and if your favorite pullover is buried under a mountain of clothing in your room...

We have found the golden solution that has landed directly from Los Angeles and will avoid break downs / huge fights between couples/ the urge to move just to have a room entirely dedicated to your loving closet.

The principle? Lofty, a super serious company that “delocalizes” the extra pieces of your wardrobe into large perfect boxes (kind of like an ideal small mobile closet) with or without drawer.

Ski clothes, Summer shoes, bathing suits, winter coats, everything that clutters your daily life but that obviously you still need often. You can even stock pieces that really have nothing to do in your small Parisian flat (surf boards, yoga stuff, skis, baby prams, VTT bike, guitar…)

We adore: bringing back and having our stuff delivered during the day as though we were whistling for a messenger in one click on the site—even easier than going all the way down to a dark basement …

Price of the crime? 19,90€ per month. Free delivery and removal of your stuff.

All the info on www.lofty.paris

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