La Braderie M by Marc, the American friend of the Frenchies...

No doubt, if the fashion bazaar « M By Marc » is always full, it's because of the multitude of very urban products in very limited edition at affordable prices (Monoprix spirit)...

The inventor of grunge fashion--darling pal of Sofia Coppola and Murakami has produced a series of shoes, pullover, umbrellas, canvas bags, rain boots, sunglasses, leather goods and other « cheap » yet good quality products.

Result? It's possible to treat yourself to a little « branded» luxury without fearing to find the same « it » accessory on the back of all Marc's other fans.

Where to find it ?

Marc by Marc Jacobs

19 place du Marché Saint Honoré

75001 Paris

01 40 20 11 30

The summer of Do IT IN PARIS

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