Small luxury at Mandarin Oriental

More buzz in the five-star category. This week, a new palace -the Mandarin Oriental- is opening its doors with the usual 1000 EUR deluxe rooms.

But Parisiennes on the lookout for luxury at small prices have a nice surprise coming up. Because the must of this upscale offer is its pastry counter, master-minded by super chef Thierry Marx who orchestrates the cuisines of the 'made in Paris' Mandarin.

Its pastries and cakes, an amazing Saint-Honoré, a marvelous lemon pie, to be savored of course in the gallery designed by Patrick Jouin or in the heavenly garden...

The ultimate chic when you come visit the palace is that you can choose from « its delights to go », in a Sunday cakes mode.

How about the haute couture gift wrapping ? A white hat box decorated with pink gold butterflies and fastened with 4 ribbons... The absolute must as a house present for a dinner on the town.

8 EUR per cake

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