A very rock ‘n roll fragrance works : Etat Libre d’oange

Etat D Orange Interieur

Perfume is dead, hurray for perfume: such is the motto of this cabinet of scent curiosities in the Marais that dares breaking all the dusty girls perfume codes. A declaration of anti-marketing independence that we really like.

Quite normal, since a luxury pro from Givenchy who decided to transgress olfactive manners and go beyond the rose water barriers in a boutique truly worth the detour…

No candles and dtizy offshoots, you will only find deluxe perfume waters in great looking design bottles (69€ for 50 ml) at set prices! Absolutely unisex, these scents are a far cry from the masculine / feminine codes …

To each personality their specific bottle. Such as « Noël au Balcon » or the story of a man that is (too) good. A perfume that makes the temperature rise.

We adore: scents created by leading perfumes and noses, Givaudan and Mane, who work for many leading houses such as Hermès or Chanel).

Where to find it?

Etat Libre d’Orange

69, rue des Archives

75001 Paris

01 42 78 30 09


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Arts-et-metiers Arts-et-metiers

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