A wild sandwich bar

Un Bar A Sandchis Affolants

When an organic and eco-friendly Left Bank address takes over a trendy venue in Pigalle, it gives an ephemeral sandwich bar to come squat urgently.

Crispy and healthy nibbles by Epicerie Générale have landed at Commis.

The flagship, known for its ready to cook chef menus in kits, become during three days the hot spot of chic snacking.

Soon we will be enjoying upscale lunches with real Parisian ham twisted with a slice of comté cheese, a sandwich with Mediterranean savors of goat cheese, pesto, tomatoes and strawberries as well as the one with smoked tuna, zucchini and tomatoes.

From 10 to 12 July

Where to find it?

Les Commis

51, avenue Trudaine

75009 Paris

01 48 74 83 14


Saint-georges Saint-georges

Pigalle Pigalle

Pigalle Pigalle

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