An off-the-wall book with a very Florence Foresti style !

Un Bouquin Decapant Au Style Tres Florence Foresti

Good news for overbooked mothers, the famous blogger with an off-the-wall sense of humor, Jessica Cymerman aka Serial Mother, journalist and mother of 2 children is coming out with a second book.

The pitch ? She showcases with humor the ups and downs of an overbooked mom on a resolutely chic and politically incorrect tone

We love: the hilarious chapters such as « mother’s I’d like to punch in the face», « people who don’t like your kids’ names and tell you about it », « having sex after giving birth ».

Throughout her notes of humor and funny anecdotes, Jess spares no one: from the totally overwhelmed serial father, to the neighbor and the in-laws who always have advice to give, as well as the kids… Everybody gets a beating!

Price: 15,90 €


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