A giant brunch for €20 at the Carreau du Temple

Brunch Yoni Saada

If you have Tel Aviv under the skin and a passion for the shakshuka, this wild brunch, 100% Israeli will definitely catch your attention. And good news, can show up with the entire smala and your BFF  to be “part of it”.

Explanations. Yoni Saada, top chef and  big boss of Bagnard, is taking over le Carreau du Temple on Sunday the 8th of July with a giant brunch.

Your mouth is watering ? Things start off on a high zingy note with a natural lemonade or orange blossom drink and hot beverages to be ordered at the bar.

No Israeli brunch without houmous worthy of the name. This one happens to be served green with herbs & and pitoth bread croutons. The alternative ? A Turkish tomato salad with onion marmalade, herbs and cumin.

No let’s move on to the serious stuff with falafel & Israel salad or roasted eggplant & cauliflower with smoked shuk paprika, a perfect egg and tahini with sorrel. Go for a fab dessert with cult “Baghrir”, the famous Tel-Aviv « one thousand hole » crêpes Tel-Aviv stuffed with orange blossom cream or an orange & grapefruit salad from Jaffa, mint and pomegranate.

We like : tall the terrific morning  food workshops  (5€ by inscription) to be capable of reproducing the same fab brunch at home ; houmous or Selek Lavan will have no more secrets for you.  Special kudos to the Shakshouka master-class by top chef Salatim.


Brunch in Tel Aviv by Yoni Saada - for €20 from 11:30am to 3pm with reservations www.carreaudutemple.eu.

All the  info on www.carreaudutemple.eu

Also discover Bagnard, the restaurant of Yoni Saada and the Balagan brunch.

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