A zero calory hot chocolate

There’s a nice smell of chocolate, fuming above a good bowl cocoa and it has the good humor effect of a chocolate tablet... But it’s not fattening like a chocolate bar !

Pierre Marcoloni, the prestigious Belgian chocolatier, has concocted Holy-Graal, the drink all twigs secretly hoped for.

 Because this  chocolate expert found a miracle cocoa bean stemming from Peruvian plantations, that transforms into an infusion the good taste of cocoa with a dash of bitterness. The editorial team tested it and loves it...

A super detox drink ! Presented in small chiffon sachets just like tea, here one finds all the anti-oxydizing and draining benefits... In a warm drink that is very much like an unctuous hot chocolate. 

We like : switching the pleasures with different fragrances of jasmine, cinnamon and rose... But always cocoa, of course!

Infusion of plain cocoa, jasmine, cinnamon or rose.

Box of 8 sachets : 9,80 €. Sold in Pierre Marcolini boutiques

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