A delicious Italian brunch at Viola

Viola, is a really terrific spot near Batignolles. Charles Teboul, who excels in Italian cuisine since already 10 years on Paris with Improvista and Vino et Cuccina,  does it again with a preppy cantine.

Imagine a trattoria relooked with a « factory » charm : communal tables; second hand chairs, freestone walls and small terrace.

A far cry from touristy brunches with boring dishes, here the name of the game is fresh products and a brunch prepared with love at 28€ all included.

On the menu: start with a nice warm tea or coffee, a Bloody Mary or a freshly squeezed juice… Choose the main dish served at the table: real Mama’s lasagnas de mama and of course check out the buffets : Italian charcuterie and cheese, small marinated veggies and salads.

We adore: the dessert counter with fruit salads, les viennoiseries and home made jams, as well as cult Sicilian « bomboloni . Cream puffs worthy of our chichis, spread the word.

Brunch every Sunday at 28€ with drinks + dishes + all you can eat salty and sweet.

Where to find it ?


80 rue Lemercier

75017 Paris

01 42 63 59 61


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