A festival of workshops and good humor

9foire De Paris

Imagine an ultra-desirable Parisian event that combines all our passions: food-trucks, decoration courses, cooking classes, a trendy fiesta and other curiosities…

No, this is not just another festival but a great rendezvous,  that has been a hit for 111 years: the famous Foire de Paris !  Coachella just better behave.

On the program of good news:

This is a real street-food festival with 15 gourmet trucks on deck …  From MasterChef to the Yogurt Factory truck (0% ice cream) including an amusing one flying high the colors of Brittany: Les Rois de la Boulette, to be enjoyed by hype gourmets.

Play the Selfie queen and become the kitchen helper of Norbert! Now is the moment to shoot the funniest or most unusual selfies in your kitchen with the #ICICESTFOIREDEPARIS on Facebook .

The 4 big time winners of this photo contest will each be able to follow a hallucinating cooking course on the 8th of May by becoming the kitchen helper of Norbert, the godfather of the Fête de la gastronomie at the Foire de Paris !

It’s a very fashion fiesta. Rendezvous on the 8th of May at 8:30pm for the first « Bal Pop’ », a very trendy retro-kitsch wild evening, organized by  « the»  most inside-track and extravagant collective of the moment, aka Golem, the Grand Orchestre  of Elysée Montmartre… Not to be missed!

It’s the DO IT YOURSELF hot-spot. Here you will find a wide array of free workshops to indulge in your « hand-made » whims. Our passion? Decoration workshops to reserve for home-lovers.

We also adooore: Brittany day on the 2nd of May furiously regional and it’s « just like being on vacation» with Tropics day ! You already feel as though you were under the palmtrees, no?

Reserve your tickets now

Foire de Paris, from the 29th of April to the 10th of May 2015. 13€ for an adult ticket and 12€ on line.


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