A play about bachelors !

The Tibetan proverb says: "traveling is a return to essentials. The essential, such is what Fred Bianconi offers us in this place that is as incisive as it is moving. The freshness and the poetry of a dream that reaches out to something more beautiful, more enchanting, more unknown that mingles into a stunning solitude and cynicism, sometimes troubling but always touching.

A seasoned bachelor, Patrick Perrin lives in Caen where he works as a « croupier » in a casino. Resigned, alone and without any commitments, he decides one day to leave. Between bad faith and the fear of the unexplored, this character who is more loving than bitter shares with us his inner. Occasional complainer and always a dreamer, his solitude takes over the space in a remarkable setting, mixing so well sound and color that one can almost perceive its fragrance.

Voyage Voyage

With Fred Bianconi, scenography by Panchika Velez

Thursday to Saturday at 9pm, Sunday at 5pm

Where to find it?

La Manufacture des Abesses

7, rue Véron

75018 Paris

01 42 33 42 03


Pigalle Pigalle

Abbesses Abbesses

Pigalle Pigalle

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