Vagenende, a real gourmet saga !

When it comes to «brasseries» with a history, Vagenende springs immediately to mind. This gourmet monument of Parisian life is one of the famous «bouillons*» opened in 1904 by Chartier and where the socialites of the Belle Epoque used to take refuge.

Beveled mirrors, «noodle» wood paneling, velvet curtains: a really impressive decor, classified as historical monument by André Malraux himself, where leading VIPs of today (an incognito Catherine Deneuve and well-known fashion editors…) come to seek out a cinema setting that « puts stars in your eyes ».

It is so wonderful to indulge in their old-fashioned dishes with tasty sauces.

We love: the baked pike quenelles with a Nantua sauce (21.50€), a terrific foie gras (20€), a good bone marrow (12€) for starters.

For dessert : Amazing "profiteroles" with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream (10€) or a sinful rum baba (9€).

The must ? An incredible seafood platter for ladies on a diet (18€).

Market menu at 26€

Opened everyday from noon to midnight.

* A bouillon (French: bouillir, English: to boil) is a late 19th or early 20th century spacious restaurant that usually serves traditional French cuisine, in particular a Bouillon (broth) which has provided the name for this type of restaurants. When invented, the concept was to serve good quality food fast at affordable prices. And in more than a century, not much has changed. Today, the buildings of some bouillons are listed as historical monuments.

Where to find it ?


142, bd Saint Germain

75006 Paris

01 43 26 68 18

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