Les tubes à bonbons gift of the day

Hooray for vintage candy!

The must of gourmet nostalgia? This « time machine » kit signed by Le Petit Duc, an authentic pastry candy store, makes us melt with happiness with these little glass tubes filled with our favorite sweet treats.

What treats do they have? Pralines de Provence, Verdun dragées , berries from Toulouse, Carpentras berlingots, liquorish from Montpellier and crystallized fruit from the Hautes-Alpes region, in short… the best candy from all over France are available in a tube.

Le Petit Duc kits

The 19€ 3 tube kit

The 36€ 6tube kit

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet

48, Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

01 40 23 52 25

L'Epicerie Fine Rive Gauche

8 Rue du Champ de Mars, 75007 Paris

01 47 05 98 18

Where to find it?

L'Epicerie Fine Rive Gauche

8, rue du Champs de Mars

75007 Paris

01 47 05 98 18

Ecole Militaire Ecole Militaire

La Tour-maubourg La Tour-maubourg

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